Streamlined Property Management is the #1 Property Mangement Company serving Lehigh Acres, Ft Myers, and Cape Coral. Our clients experience the best level of service the industry has to offer. We are owned and operated by real estate investors that have portfolios of hundreds of investment properties. Our business was designed to provide what we wanted from a property management company. We treat your property like it’s ours. Welcome to the family.

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A tour of the property and comparable price analysis to determine market value.

Taking on a new property requires a lengthy tour of the property valuating any repairs that may be needed and a price analysis to determine market value.  Each day your property is vacant, you are losing money.  Our goal is to ensure your property is at market value, the highest return but also get your property rented as quickly as possible.

Rent your property for market value
rental income increase

Advice on property improvements to ensure the highest possible return on your investment.

At Streamlined Property Management, we take the time to review the property and analyze the market rent and real potential for your investment. Making minor adjustments to the property can not only allow the property to rent quicker but get you top dollar every month. Real estate is an investment, with our team’s experience, we will help you maximize profits.

Secure an annual lease drafted by Heist, Weisse, & Wolk, PA, a law firm who deals primarily in landlord/tenant law.

Making sure that the proper legal documentation is extremely important. As an added value, we have partnered with Heist, Weisse, & Wolk, PA, a law firm who deals primarily in landlord/tenant law. Enjoy the freedom of knowing that your investment is secure.

Secure an annual lease

Tenant background check which includes criminal background, credit check, rental history, employment verification with proof of income and eviction history.

Our software does a detailed nationwide background check to include sex offender checks, criminal background, eviction background check, and credit. Proof of income is required via recent paycheck stubs and verification with employment to ensure the applicant is still employed. Total household income must be 3x the monthly rent.

We make contact with previous landlords to verify applicants payment history, the condition of home during tenancy and condition of home when they vacated.  We want to know if a previous landlord would re-rent.

Security deposit is held in a non-interest bearing Florida account as required by law.

Move out inspections and release of security deposits start before the home is even rented.  Upon move in, a detailed move in form will be filled out with pictures of the home and any detail to be noted.  This same move in form will be used upon move out.  We will, in detail, compare the condition of the home upon move in to move out.  Any tenant damages will be claimed on the tenant’s security deposit.  We will get estimates for the work that needs to be done so the accurate amount will be claimed on the deposit.

Rental Deposit
repair verification

Maintenance and repairs will be done in a timely manner by experienced handymen and contractors. Work order requests will be communicated to the owner as they are dispatched to the vendor.

We believe an owner’s recommendation is just as important as a tenant’s recommendation.  Many tenant’s biggest complaints about other management companies are the lack of maintenance request priority.  While maintenance repairs are important to maintaining your investment, discretion and negotiation are just as important as maintenance can be costly.

We purposely use outside licensed contractors so there’s no conflict of interest.  You won’t have to worry about an hourly employee doing repairs and charging you at contractor prices.  We have selected quality contractors who give us discounts due to the volume of work given to them.  These discounted prices are extended to you.  We don’t add an admin fee or a processing fee to the invoice.  What we are billed, is what you pay.

When larger repairs are required, we get multiple contractors looking at the repair, giving their expert opinions and estimates.  You get to choose who you want to use and if you’d like, you can speak to them yourself or let us be the middle man.  You will see pictures of the repair that is needed so you know there is actually a repair.

We have a 24/7 maintenance number so when there’s an emergency such as a flood, the tenant is able to contact us.  Some common emergencies are no water, no A/C, fire or plumbing line break.  You will be contacted and a vendor sent to the property.

Receive services at our discounted rate from our list of licensed vendors.

At Streamlined Property Management, you get access to our team of licensed vendors that have been verified to do the highest quality of work at the most affordable price. Our team of licensed and approved vendors will fix any problem fully managed by our staff. Know that the job was done right, you got the best possible pricing, and that your renters are happy, renting for years to come. Experience the Streamlined difference.

licensed Vendors Discounted Rates
Rental Payments Paid on time

Timely collection and disbursement of rental income.

When your tenant pays on time, we don’t want to keep your money.  We make it a priority to pay you shortly after rent is paid.  If rent is paid on time, a transfer will be made on or by the 10th of the month.  Then, payments will be disbursed each week thereafter.  As soon as the funds clear our bank, we’ll make sure your payout is that same week.

Monthly detailed statements.

You don’t have to wait on us to see your detailed statements, delinquency report, lease renewal report, year to date profit and loss, etc.  You have access to all the reports we have access to and you can run them when you want for whatever dates you want.

Yearly Inspections

Inspections are performed to ensure interior property condition is being maintained.

Inspections are performed at lease renewal unless there are numerous repairs to be addressed. If you request an additional inspection, call us and we’ll make it happen.  We’ll schedule with the tenant and take pictures so you know the home is being maintained and taken care of.

We want your tenant’s to be long term tenants who treat your investment like their home.

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